Heterogeneous computing on Baikal-M


Today we are demonstrating a heterogeneous computing machine based on the Lagrange Sarmah platform. We installed two processor modules (SoMs) of different architectures on the Lagrange Mini Carrier Board: a Lagrange Sarmah SoM with a Baikal-M processor (ARM64 architecture) and a processor module based on AMD G-series SoC (x86 / 64 architecture). Each module runs independently from its own bootable media such as SSD SATA, a monitor was connected to each. On the Lagrange Sarmah SoM module we launched the Simply Linux distribution available on the Web from "Basealt SPO" (https://www.basealt.ru/go/downloads/simply/), on the AMD SoC module - the Microsoft Windows 10 distribution (all software was used only for proof-of-concept demonstration purposes, all rights belong to its owners).