Lagrange Pico-ITX rev. B is already here!

That's it!

The revision "B" of our leading Lagrange Pico-ITX Qseven carrier board is just prepared! The first samples of the modified and improved version of the carrier board have came off the production line. At last you can experience new opportunities, about which our respected customers asked us: the Super-IO chip on the LPC bus was added, the connectors were improved for easier assembly in the case and something more...

And again we made the main bet on the electronic components supplied by our partner - the Wurth Electronik company.

The Lagrange Pico-ITX revB Qseven carrier board is available for pre-order now!

What's new in Lagrange Pico-ITX revision "B" ?

Power supply

- Completely new power supply system without external inductors and transistors; - Power-up from a single input voltage of 12V (6 to 17V); - Three kinds of power connector: 3.5 "HDD, round plug or terminal block; - Battery on the board for powering up the real time clock with the ability to connect an external battery; - Reduced number of LEDs on the board; - Additional capacitors on the power line are integrated;


- The microcontroller clock is now powered by a battery on the board;

- The microcontroller has a CAN interface on the Micro-Fit connector;

- The microcontroller is connected to the module via USB as a virtual COM port;

- The microcontroller provides the module with access to the CAN bus via the USBtin protocol;

Super I/O

- Super I / O controller added;

- PS / 2 support for mouse and keyboard;

- Two RS-232 ports;


- Connector for LVDS video panels is added;

- Power connector for LVDS panel backlight is added;

- The stability with HDMI monitors is improved;

- Hot-plug via HDMI is now supported;

- The mini-PCIe slot is enlarged to full-size;

- The mini-SATA slot supports only half-size devices now;

- Universal display connection socket and pushbuttons for ATX cases;

- Button connector is duplicated to a compact connector with fix-up;

The CPU module

- The pull-up BIOS_DISABLE signal for D49.04 modules support is added;

- The I2C bus for PCIe expansion cards is improved;

- CPU fan connector is rotated;

- Circuits for discharging capacitors to ensure card shutdown are added;

- The board can now be turned on without a processor module;

- The power-ready signal for the module is set to 5V now.