Lagrange Pico Carrier Board


Lagrange Pico Carrier Board is an ultra compact interface board for SoMs. Designed for small computers, embedded and mobile solutions, supporting high-performace CPUs with such architecture as x86/64, ARM/ARM64 and FPGAs.


  • Factory designator: LGP-05

  • Pico-ITX  form factor (100 x 72 мм);

  • SoM connector (x86/64, ARM, ARM64, FPGA);

  • SATA port;

  • 4x USB 2.0 ports;

  • HDMI port;

  • Ethernet (1Gb) port;

  • PCIe x1 slot;

  • mSATA slot;

  • mini PCIe slot;

  • SD-card slot (optional);

  • integrated programmable STM32 microcontroller;

  • input-output via UART, CAN, GPIO and LVDS.


Despite its small size, the board is equipped with a large number of external interfaces. It allows you to connect a solid-state hard drive in the format of an mSATA expansion card, a WiFi adapter in the format of a mini-PCIe expansion card, while maintaining the external dimensions of the board. The board is powered through a standard 4-pin "MOLEX" connector available in any ATX power supply.


The presence of USB2.0, Ethernet and digital video connectors on one side of the board makes it easy to package the product into a full-fledged workstation, thin client, nettop or blade server cell.