How it works



I'm planning a new embedded computer design

You need a reliable, well-developed hardware platform with a long manufacturer warranty and full technical support.

Meet the Lagrange Project ready-made solutions!


Get the product you are interested in to test-drive for free.

Does the product meet your expectations? If yes, proceed to the order for the required quantity. We will choose the optimal ratio of price, quantity and manufacturing time.



I need an individual approach

Don't our ready-made solutions meet your requirements?

We can modify our solution for free and prepare a prototype. If the prototype meets your expectations, proceed to the order for required quantity.



I want to be assured of trouble-free operation

How to be, if there were problems in the period of operation?

We provide long-term warranty service for all our products.

In case of problems in the first year of operation, we make a free replacement of the out-of-date equipment for a new one in the shortest possible time.

We are constantly improving our equipment. We extend the period of free maintenance in case of detection of factory defect or structural defect.



I want to get qualified technical support

You are concerned about whether you can get a qualified technical consultation directly from the development engineers.


Our development department is located in Moscow.

The production is carried out on the territory of Russia.

This allows customers from Russia to receive full-fledged technical support in the shortest possible time.

   We try our best     to make you satisfied

with the result